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Differences Between Shadow Folders and Triggers

Article ID: 650  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

A shadow folder contains a reference copy of the current files in a repository. Files are automatically updated when changes are checked in. Use shadow folders to provide read-only access to non-Surround SCM users or to provide a central location to build releases from. Many web developers use shadow folders as a way to 'publish' changes to their web server wwwroot folder.

For example, WysiCorp wants to create a shadow folder for their existing web server directory. The existing directory, which is not empty, is at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot. The following steps are taken to set up this shadow folder. First, the administrator renames wwwroot to wwwroot2 in the C:\Inetpub directory. The administrator also archives wwwroot2 in case a file was not checked in to Surround SCM. Next, a new empty directory named wwwroot is created in the C:\Inetpub directory. A shadow folder is created for wwwroot. After waiting for Surround SCM to copy the files into the new directory, the administrator manually copies any files that were not checked in from wwwroot2 to the new wwwroot directory. The files also need to be added to Surround SCM.

You can also use triggers to perform the same functionality as shadow folders. However, triggers are more complicated. In order for a trigger to update the files on a network share, you have to create a script using the Surround SCM CLI or a programming language.

The other main difference between shadow folders and triggers is that shadow folders automatically update files every five minutes. Triggers are action based, and you select the action when you create the trigger. For example, you can create a trigger that updates the files on a network share when a changelist is committed. Seapine provides trigger examples that you can download to learn more about the functionality.

Article ID: 650  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014
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