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Using WebDAV with Adobe Photoshop

Article ID: 642  |  Last updated: 12 Aug, 2016

Note: The following information only applies to Surround SCM 2016.0 and earlier.

You can access Surround SCM files from Adobe Photoshop using WebDAV.

To set up a WebDAV connection in Photoshop:

  1. Choose File > Workgroup > Workgroup servers. The Workgroup Servers dialog box opens.
  2. Click New Server. The New Server dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a Server Nickname and the address to the WebDAV CGI (sscmdav.cgi).
    For example, http://localhost/cgi/sscmdav.cgi/
  4. Click OK. The WebDAV connection is set up.

To open a Surround SCM file:  

  1. Choose File > Workgroup > Open. The Open dialog box opens.
  2. Select a file.
  3. Click Open to open the file without checking it out from Surround SCM.
  4. Click Check Out to open the file and check out it out from Surround SCM.

To save a file to Surround SCM:

  1. Choose File > Workgroup > Save or Save As.

Note: If you save a new file to Surround SCM and select 'Keep this file checked out for editing', the file does not stay checked out. You have to manually check out the file after you save it by choosing File > Workgroup > Check Out.

Article ID: 642  |   Last updated: 12 Aug, 2016
WebDAV Photoshop

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