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Unicode Characters Not Displayed Correctly in Surround SCM Email Notifications

Article ID: 638  |  Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015

Note: The following information only applies to Surround SCM 2011.1 and earlier.


Unicode characters are not displayed correctly in Surround SCM email notifications.


The MAPI protocol does not support the Unicode character set. If the Surround SCM Server is configured to send email in MAPI format, email notifications are converted to local 8-bit text before they are sent.


Configure the Surround SCM Server to send email using SMTP.

  1. Choose Tools > Administration > Server Options.
  2. Click the Email Servers category.
  3. Select Enable sending email via Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).
  4. Enter the SMTP host used to send outgoing mail. Enter an IP address (e.g., or the fully qualified domain name of the mail server (e.g., mail.your
  5. Enter a username and password.
  6. Optionally select Only send one message per SMTP connection to send one message per connection.
  7. Click OK.
Article ID: 638  |   Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015
Unicode email notifications MAPI

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