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Using Guiffy to Compare and Merge Files

Article ID: 631  |  Last updated: 14 Jun, 2017

Surround SCM includes Guiffy, a cross-platform utility to help you quickly and easily compare and merge changes to multiple versions of the same source file. Guiffy can compare/merge virtually any type of text file – source code, Unicode, and more.

This article introduces Guiffy’s compare and merge capabilities. For more information, visit Guiffy’s web site.

Comparing files

Guiffy displays files side by side for easy, line-by-line visual comparison. Differences between two files are highlighted. 

If you find a change in one version of a file, such as a bug fix, and need to include it in the other file, you can easily copy and replace the change in the appropriate file. You can also edit text freely within Guiffy.

Merging files

You can merge files to compare, accept, or reject differences between files and combine the changes into a new file. You can merge the file in your working directory with the server file, a branched file, or a historic version of the file. Surround SCM uses Guiffy’s 3-way merge (SureMerge).

For a 3-way merge, Guiffy displays two files side by side with a third merge file above. Guiffy uses the parent of the two files to determine the changes highlighted in those files and the potential merge file.

The merge file contains changes from both source files. You can choose to keep contents from one of the source files or both files. The contents you select are added to the merge file. 

Surround SCM automatically merges changes when files are checked in. You are prompted to merge the files if there are conflicts.

Article ID: 631  |   Last updated: 14 Jun, 2017
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