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Using Labels with Shared Files - Surround SCM 2008 and Earlier

Article ID: 628  |  Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015

Note: This information only applies to Surround SCM 2008.x and earlier.

If you use labels with shared files in Surround SCM 2008 and earlier, and you break the share, you may encounter situations where labels either appear on files where you do not expect them or unexpectedly disappear from one file.

If you try to recursively label a repository that includes files with broken shares, the following error is written to the server log:

'Error -9800: Unable to label file because the internal archive object is shared with another file in the branch (broken share).'

If you use branching with labels, the label also applies to the file in all branches and can cause similar situations to labeling shared files. This occurs because a label is not assigned to a specific branch, only a particular revision of a file.

Note: While Seapine supports labels, we recommend using snapshot branches in Surround SCM 2008.x and earlier. In most cases, branching is a more powerful and easy way of accomplishing the same task.

Article ID: 628  |   Last updated: 30 Apr, 2015
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