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Setting Surround SCM View/Edit File Options

Article ID: 614  |  Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014

In Surround SCM, you can select the applications you want to use to view or edit text, binary, and image files. You can also edit Surround SCM’s default view/edit settings or add settings for specific file types.

Surround SCM includes the following view and edit file options:

Internal viewer/editor

Select this option to use Surround SCM’s internal viewer to view image files or to view or edit text files. This option is useful if you want to view or edit a file within Surround SCM.

Associated application

Select this option if you want to use the application associated with the file extension to view or edit the file. When you double-click a file, the registered application opens. The default settings for associated applications are located in the registry (Windows) or in each application’s info.plist file (Mac).

Selected application

Select this option if you want to set the application used to open a file, based on file extension. You can also choose separate applications to view and edit a file. For example, you may want to use a Web browser to quickly view an image, but would prefer to edit the image using an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

Configuring view/edit file settings

You can change the association of a file name extension from one program to another program by changing the settings in the View/Edit File category.

  1. Choose Tools > User Options > View/Edit File category.
  2. Select a view/edit file setting and click Edit.
Article ID: 614  |   Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014
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