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Using Surround SCM Addresses

Article ID: 611  |  Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014

Surround SCM uses the SSCM protocol to provide hyperlink access to branches, repositories, and files. Surround SCM addresses begin with the sscm:// prefix. For example:

Following are a few examples for using Surround SCM hyperlinks.

Include hyperlinks in Surround SCM email notifications

Email notifications can include hyperlinks to Surround SCM files. Email notifications must be sent in HTML format if they include hyperlinks. You must also add the following line, which includes HTML tags and the hyperlink environment variable, to the File List tab in the Edit Email Template dialog box:

<a href>%SSCM_FILELINK%</a><p>

Copy and paste addresses into emails and other documents

You can copy an address from the Surround SCM Address toolbar and paste it into an email or document. To display the Address toolbar, choose View > Toolbars > Address.

To add the address as a hyperlink in the email or document, you must create the hyperlink manually. For example, to add a hyperlink in a Microsoft Outlook email, copy the sscm:// address from the Surround SCM Address toolbar, switch to Outlook, and then choose Insert > Hyperlink. Select (other) as the Type, paste the sscm:// address in the URL field, and then click OK.

Hyperlinks can only be displayed in email sent in HTML format.

Provide hyperlinks to Surround SCM files on Web pages

You can provide hyperlinks to Surround SCM files on a Web page. Users must have the Surround SCM Client installed to access files using hyperlinks.

To add a Surround SCM hyperlink to a Web page, select the repository or file you want to provide a hyperlink to and copy the address from the Address toolbar. Add the link to the Web page. When users click the link, the Surround SCM Client starts if it is not open and the specified branch, repository, or file is selected.

For example, your development team wants to provide read-only access to design documents so employees in other departments can read them. To do this, create a security group named Guest with permissions to only view the design document repository list and get files. Next, create a Guest user and add the user to the Guest security group. Copy the address for the design document from the Address toolbar. Add the link to the Web page and include the username and password you created for the Guest user. For example:
sscm:// Design 1.0.doc

When users click the hyperlink, the Surround SCM Client will start if it is not already open and the WysiDraw Design document will be selected. Users can only perform the file actions specified in the security group permissions.

Article ID: 611  |   Last updated: 22 Dec, 2014
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