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Uploading Files in Safari Fails

Article ID: 586  |  Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014

Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier.


When using Safari, uploading files in TestTrack Pro Web takes a long time and eventually fails. This occurs when the TestTrack CGI is hosted on an Apache web server.


A Safari bug causes file uploads over persistent HTTP connections to send partial files. TestTrack Pro Web waits for a full file, but Safari never receives it because Apache forwards a partial file


Disable the HTTP Keep-Alive extension in Apache.

  1. Open the Apache configuration file. The file name is usually httpd.conf.
  2. Add the following line to the configuration file:
    KeepAlive Off
  3. Save the file and restart the Apache server.

Article ID: 586  |   Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014
Apache Safari CGI upload fails

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