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Starting TestTrack Pro Web

Article ID: 571  |  Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015

Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier.

The TestTrack Server must be running on your network and have at least one Web user license installed. See your system administrator if you have problems.

  1. Start a Web browser.
  2. Enter the URL provided by your system administrator to open the TestTrack Pro Web login page. For example:

    Domain name service (DNS): (e.g.,

    Static IP address: (e.g., http://123.77.456.166/ttweb/login.htm)
  3. Select the project you want to work with from the Project list.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Select the page you want to start at from the Start at menu.
  6. Click Login.
Article ID: 571  |   Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015
login URL starting

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