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Setting SoloBug Default Values Using Command Line Parameters

Article ID: 563  |  Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017

SoloBug accepts command line parameters to set the default values for all issue fields. Parameters that contain spaces must be enclosed in quotes.

The following Windows parameters are supported:

-m summary (e.g. -m "This is the summary.")

-t type (e.g. -t "Crash - Data Loss")

-p product (e.g. -p "SoloBug")

-s severity (e.g. -s "No Workaround")

-c component (e.g. -c "Reporting")

-v version (e.g. -v "1.0.1")

-d description (e.g. -d "This is the description.")

-f attachment file (e.g. -f "Application.Log")

-r reproducible (e.g. -r "Cannot Reproduce")

-e steps to reproduce (e.g. -e "Following are the steps to reproduce.")

Article ID: 563  |   Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017
Windows parameter command line default value

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