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TestTrack Pro Web ISAPI Extensions Are Not Properly Installed

Article ID: 562  |  Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015

Note: The following information applies only to TestTrack 2013.0.2 and earlier.


When you try to log in to TestTrack Pro Web, an error similar to the following is returned.

The TestTrack Pro Web ISAPI extensions were not properly installed. The CGI program cannot find the TestTrack registry key.

Cause #1

The TestTrack Pro Web pages and CGI program were not installed on the web server computer.

Solution #1

Run the TestTrack installer on the web server computer and reinstall the TestTrack web components. The installer updates the registry with the TestTrack settings.

Cause #2

The CGI process generated by the web server does not have read access to the registry.

Solution #2

See Incorrect CGI Information on TestTrack Server Computer.

Cause #3

A version 1.x ttcgi.exe exists on the computer that runs TestTrack. The CGI program looks for a TestTrack Pro Web registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Seapine Software. If this key does not exist, the ISAPI error is displayed.

Solution #3

Reinstall TestTrack and overwrite the web pages and CGI.

Article ID: 562  |   Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015

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