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Using Custom Fields with SoloSubmit

Article ID: 561  |  Last updated: 24 May, 2017

SoloSubmit, which is TestTrack add-on, allows an unlimited number of customers to submit bug reports and feature requests from a web browser. SoloSubmit supports field codes, which are sequences that are automatically replaced with information from the TestTrack database. These field codes allow you to build personalized SoloSubmit web pages that provide information specific to your company and your customers' use of SoloSubmit.

If you add custom fields to a TestTrack project, you can use the custom field codes with customized SoloSubmit web pages. SoloSubmit custom fields function differently from other fields. The custom field codes represent the HTML for the entire field and not just the data portion. The CGI dynamically builds the HTML that replaces field codes.

Note: If you use customized static SoloSubmit pages, add the corresponding HTML code to the page. The CGI cannot dynamically build the HTML.

You can add up to 100 custom fields to a project. Custom fields are represented with the following field codes: %Z_customfield%.

  • To find a custom field code, choose Configure > Custom Fields.
  • Select the custom field and click Edit.
  • Use the custom field displayed in the Field code field.

The SoloSubmit Admin Guide provides more detailed information about customizing SoloSubmit.

Article ID: 561  |   Last updated: 24 May, 2017
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