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Helix ALM Eclipse Integration

Article ID: 552  |  Last updated: 02 May, 2017

Helix ALM supports integration with Eclipse. See Third-Party Integrations for supported versions.

This article includes information about installing the integration plug-in and using the add-in toolbar.

Installing the plug-in

  1. In Eclipse, choose Help > Install New Software. The Install dialog box opens.
  2. Click Add. The Add Repository dialog box opens.
  3. Enter a Name for the new software download site, such as Helix ALM Plug-in Site.
  4. Enter as the Location.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Expand the Helix ALM Eclipse plug-in node, select the plug-in version to install, and click Next.
    Note: You must use the plug-in that corresponds to the Helix ALM version installed on your computer.
  7. Select the Helix ALM Eclipse plug-in again and click Next.
  8. Accept the license agreement and click Finish. An unsigned content security warning is displayed.
  9. Click OK to continue the installation. You are prompted to restart Eclipse when installation is complete.
  10. Click Restart Now to restart Eclipse.

Using the add-in toolbar

After the plug-in is installed, a Helix ALM toolbar and menu are added to Eclipse. Click a toolbar button or choose the corresponding menu item to add Helix ALM items to a project or view existing items.

Note: The actions you have access to depend on your Helix ALM licenses and security permissions.

  • Connect—Connect to the Helix ALM Server
  • Switch Project—Switch between Helix ALM projects
  • Disconnect—Disconnect from the Helix ALM Server
  • Issues List—Open the Issues list window
  • Add Issue—Add an issue
  • Test Cases List—Open the Test Cases list window
  • Add Test Case—Add a test case
  • Test Runs List—Open the Test Runs list window
  • Requirements List—Open the Requirements list window
  • Add Requirement—Add a requirement
  • Requirement Documents List—Open the Requirement Documents list window
  • Add Requirement Document—Add a requirement document
  • Task List—Open the Workbook list window
  • Add Task—Add a workbook task
  • About—Open the About dialog box
Article ID: 552  |   Last updated: 02 May, 2017

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