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Empty Available Providers List When Using the TestTrack SCC Integration

Article ID: 537  |  Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014


When you configure source control integration, the Available Providers list is empty.


TestTrack looks in the system registry for the source control providers that are installed on the computer and the registry key does not exist.

TestTrack looks for the following registry key:

Under this path, there is a key for each installed provider type.


All of the SourceSafe Integration features and any COM/OLE components that are available with SourceSafe must be installed. You do not need to reinstall. Insert the installation CD in your CD drive and it will read what is already installed. Make sure the integration features and any COM/OLE components available with SourceSafe are checked then click Install. The Available Providers list will be populated after the installation is completed.

Article ID: 537  |   Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014
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