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Users Cannot Log In After Upgrading

Article ID: 523  |  Last updated: 11 May, 2017


After upgrading Helix ALM or Surround SCM, the following error is returned when users log in:

‘You have not been assigned a Helix ALM license. You cannot log in.’


‘You have not been assigned a Surround SCM license. You cannot log in.’


The user does not have an assigned license.


Maintenance expired on the assigned license. In the Helix ALM License Server Admin Utility, licenses with expired maintenance dates are displayed in red in the Licenses dialog box.

When you purchase a license, it is valid for the version you purchased it for and any versions released before the maintenance date on the license expires. When the maintenance date expires, users can continue to use the currently installed Helix ALM or Surround SCM version indefinitely. If you upgrade, the license is no longer valid and users cannot log in if it is assigned to them.


Make sure a license is assigned to the user and that maintenance for the license is not expired.

  1. Log in to the license server admin utility.
  2. Click Global Users.
  3. Select the user and click Edit.
  4. Click the Licenses tab.
  5. Verify that the user has an assigned license.
    • If a license is not assigned, assign one and click OK to save the changes.
    • If a license is already assigned, click Cancel and continue with step 6.
  6. Click Close to close the Global Users dialog box.
  7. Click Licenses.
  8. Check the list for licenses with expired maintenance, which are displayed in red.
    • If you already renewed maintenance, add the .lic file that Perforce Sales provided. Click Add on the Licenses dialog box. Click Browse to locate the .lic file and then click Open. Click OK to add the file. The maintenance date is updated and the license can be used.
    • If you need to renew maintenance, contact Perforce Sales.
Article ID: 523  |   Last updated: 11 May, 2017
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