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Finding Private Filter Information in Helix ALM Project Databases

Article ID: 522  |  Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017

If you need to see information about private filters in a Helix ALM project and you have access to project databases, you can query the database to find it.

Note: If you use TestTrack 2011.1.3 or earlier, you cannot query TestTrack native databases using the following information. You can only query databases stored in RDBMS format, such as SQL Server and Oracle.

Finding all private filters

To find all private filters in all projects in the database, use the following query on the FILTER table. The AccessStat value of 3 identifies private filters.


Information about all private filters in the database, including the filter name and description, project ID, and filter owner ID, is returned.

Finding project names

To find the project name based on the project ID returned in the previous results, use a query similar to the following on the TTPROJECTS table.


The TTProjName column in the returned results contains the project name.

Note: The TTProjName value matches the project Description in the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility. It may not be the project name that users see in Helix ALM.

Finding filter owners

To find a filter owner’s first and last name, use a query similar to the following on the USERS table. Use the idOwner value from the query on the FILTER table with idRecord to specify the user. Use the ProjectID value to specify the project.

SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE idRecord = 14 and ProjectID = 6

The FirstName and LastName columns in the returned results contain the filter owner’s name.

Finding filters by name

To find a filter by name, use a query similar to the following on the FILTER table. Use the filter name as the Name value.

SELECT * FROM FILTER WHERE Name = ‘Fixed Issues’;

Information about the filter, including the name, description, project ID, and owner ID are returned. If the query returns more than one project in the database that contains a filter with the same name, you can use the query on the TTPROJECTS table above to find the corresponding project names.

To find a filter by name in a specific project and determine the owner at the same time, run two queries at the same time, as shown the following example.

SELECT * FROM FILTER WHERE ProjectID = 7 and Name = ‘Fixed Issues’;

SELECT * FROM USERS WHERE idRecord = 1 and ProjectID = 7

Article ID: 522  |   Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017
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