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Installing TestTrack on Mac OS X without Java

Article ID: 515  |  Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014

The TestTrack Mac OS X installer requires Java. If you need to install the TestTrack Client on a Mac OS X computer that does not have Java installed or enabled, perform the following steps:

  1. Install TestTrack on a Mac OS X computer with Java
  2. Create a copy of the TestTrack files
  3. Extract the copied files to the computer without Java 

Installing TestTrack

Install TestTrack on a Mac OS X computer with Java enabled. See the TestTrack installation help for information.

Creating a copy of TestTrack files

In Terminal, use the following commands to create a copy of the TestTrack files.

Note: The default TestTrack application directory is used in the following examples. If you installed TestTrack in a different directory, use the correct path in the commands.

  1. Copy the TestTrack configuration file to the TestTrack application directory:
    cp -f /etc/ttclient.conf /Applications/TestTrack
  2. Tar the TestTrack integration framework to the application directory:
    tar -cf /Applications/TestTrack/ttintegrationFramework.tar /Library/Application Support/Seapine/TestTrackIntegration.framework
  3. Tar the TestTrack dynamic libraries and Qt frameworks to the application directory:
    tar -cf /Applications/TestTrack/seapinett.tar /usr/lib/seapine/tt
  4. Tar the TestTrack application directory:
    tar -cf ttclientcopy.tar /Applications/TestTrack/
  5. Gzip the tarball:
    gzip ttclientcopy.tar

Extracting the copied files on the computer without Java

Note: The following information uses the default TestTrack application directory. If you want to install TestTrack in a different location, create the directory and use the correct path in the commands used to install TestTrack on the computer without Java.

  1. Create the following directories if they do not exist on the computer without Java:
    • /Applications/TestTrack
    • /Library/Application Support/Seapine
    • /usr/lib/seapine/tt
  2. Unpack the tar.gz file:
    gunzip ttclientcopy.tar.gz
  3. Untar the TestTrack application directory, libraries, and frameworks:
    tar xf ttclientcopy.tar -C /Applications/TestTrack
    tar xf /Applications/TestTrack/ttintegrationFramework.tar -C /Library/Application Support/Seapine/
    tar xf /Applications/TestTrack/seapinett.tar -C /usr/lib/seapine/tt/
  4. Set TestTrack permissions:
    chmod -R 755 /Applications/TestTrack
    chmod -R 755 /Library/Application Support/Seapine/TestTrackIntegration.framework
    chmod -R 755 /usr/lib/seapine/tt
  5. Copy the configuration file to /etc/ and set the permissions:
    cp -f ttclient.conf /etc/
    chmod 755 /etc/ttclient.conf
  6. If you did not use the default TestTrack application directory, open the ttclient.conf file and make sure the application path is set to the correct directory.
Article ID: 515  |   Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014
Mac OS X Java installation

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