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Timeout Error When Uploading Attachments in TestTrack Web

Article ID: 511  |  Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014


When attaching a large file to an item in TestTrack Web, the upload fails and a timeout error is returned.


The time it takes to upload the file exceeds the timeout value set on the web server that hosts TestTrack Web. The default value is 300 seconds on Apache and IIS.

If TestTrack Web is hosted on IIS, the file may exceed the maximum file size value set in IIS. The default value is 30 MB.


Increase the timeout value on the web server. Refer to the Apache or IIS documentation for information.

If you use IIS, you may consider increasing the maximum file upload size. Refer to the IIS documentation for information.

Article ID: 511  |   Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014
attachment timeout upload fails

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