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Resolving RDBMS Database Transaction Issues – TestTrack 2011.1 and Earlier

Article ID: 500  |  Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017

Note: The following information only applies to TestTrack 2011.1 and earlier.


Under a rare combination of circumstances, updates to TestTrack project data are not saved to the database. Only data stored in supported RDBMS databases is affected.

These circumstances can be difficult to detect because the data is available and TestTrack operates normally until the TestTrack Server is restarted.


  1. Do not stop or upgrade the TestTrack Server.
    Because the data loss does not occur until the server is stopped, it is important to keep the server running until you know if it is affected. Because the server is stopped and started during the upgrade process, do not upgrade TestTrack until you know if the issue affects you.
  2. Determine if the issue affects your TestTrack data.
    If this issue occurred, an entry is added to the TestTrack Server log. Open the log in the TestTrack Server Admin Utility. (This can take a while if there are lots of entries.) Save the entire log as text and search for each of these messages:

    ‘A connection manager tried to roll back a transaction with no defined connection.’

    ‘A connection manager tried to commit a transaction with no defined connection.’

    ‘Exception encountered in CCurrentDBConnectionMgr::CommitTransaction.’

    ‘Exception encountered in CCurrentDBConnectionMgr::RollbackTransaction.’

    If you find any of these entries in your server log, the issue affects your data.
  3. If you are affected by the issue, contact Perforce Support.
    Support will confirm the issue, answer questions, work with you on options for minimizing data loss, and help you install a patched TestTrack Server. If your server has not been restarted, we recommend exporting your data to an XML file.

    If you are not affected by the issue, upgrade to the latest Helix ALM version.
    After you verify that you do not have this issue, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the latest Helix ALM version or install a TestTrack Server patch version.

Installing TestTrack Server patches

If you use an RDBMS and are unable to upgrade to the latest Helix version, you need to install a patched version of the TestTrack Server based on the server version and operating system.

To install the patch:

  1. Download the correct patch for the TestTrack Server version and operating system you are using.
  2. Stop the TestTrack Server.
  3. Uncompress the files in the downloaded patch and replace the TestTrack Server executable on the server with the new version.
  4. Restart the TestTrack Server.


If you need a patch for a TestTrack version or operating system that is not in the following list, contact Perforce Support.

TestTrack 2011.1.0

Upgrade to TestTrack 2011.1.1 or later.

TestTrack 2011.0.0 – 2011.0.1

Install TestTrack 2011.0.2 Server:

TestTrack 2010.1.0 – 2010.1.1

Install TestTrack 2010.1.2 Server:

TestTrack 2010.0.0 – 2010.0.2

Install TestTrack 2010.0.3 Server:

TestTrack 2009.0.1 – 2009.0.2

Contact Perforce Support.

TestTrack 2009.0.0

Install TestTrack 2009.0.3 Server:

TestTrack 2008.2.0 – 2008.2.1

Install TestTrack 2008.2.2 Server:

TestTrack 2008.1.0 – 2008.1.1

Install TestTrack 2008.1.2 Server:

TestTrack 2008.0.0 – 2008.0.2

Install TestTrack 2008.0.3 Server:

TestTrack 7.6.0 – 7.6.3

Install TestTrack 7.6.4 Server:

TestTrack 7.5.2 – 7.5.4

Install TestTrack 7.5.5 Server:

Article ID: 500  |   Last updated: 06 Jun, 2017
database rdbms project data not saved transaction

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