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Helix ALM Client Does Not Have Focus When Switching from Surround SCM on Linux

Article ID: 497  |  Last updated: 28 Apr, 2017


When attaching a file from Surround SCM to a locked Helix ALM item on Linux, switching back to Helix ALM selects the client in the taskbar, but the client does not have focus.


The focus stealing prevention option, which keeps the Helix ALM Client from stealing focus from the Surround SCM Client, is enabled in KDE for Linux.


Disable the focus stealing prevention option in KDE.

Note: The following steps were tested in KDE 4.5 for Kubuntu 10.04.

  1. Open System Settings and double-click Window Behavior. The Configure the window behavior dialog box opens.
  2. Select the Window Behavior category.
  3. On the Focus tab, select None for the Focus stealing prevention level option.
  4. Click Apply to save the changes.

Note: Focus stealing prevention cannot be disabled in Gnome.

Article ID: 497  |   Last updated: 28 Apr, 2017
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