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Object Renaming Error During Helix ALM Upgrade

Article ID: 478  |  Last updated: 28 Apr, 2017


When upgrading Helix ALM, an error is returned stating that an object cannot be renamed because the object participates in enforced dependencies.


When the RDBMS enforces a constraint, such as a foreign key constraint or view, that references the Helix ALM table by name. These constraints prevent the renaming of tables, which is required during the upgrade.


All views and CHECK constraints need to be dropped before upgrading. Use the following steps to work around the constraints error.

  1. Create a script that will recreate the existing views and CHECK constraints. See the RDBMS vendor's help for information about creating scripts.
  2. Drop all views and CHECK constraints from the RDBMS.
  3. Attempt the upgrade again.
  4. Use the script you created to safely add the views and CHECK constraints after the upgrade has completed successfully.
Article ID: 478  |   Last updated: 28 Apr, 2017
upgrade rename enforced dependencies

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