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Configuring IIS and Apache Web Servers for TestTrack Web

Article ID: 460  |  Last updated: 10 Sep, 2015

Files for TestTrack web clients are hosted on a web server. After installing TestTrack, you must configure a web server before users can use the web clients.

See TestTrack Supported Web Servers for supported web server versions.

The following links provide specific steps for configuring web servers.

If you use IIS and TestTrack RM Reviewer or TestTrack TCM Test Runner, additional configuration is required. See Configuring IIS for TestTrack RM Reviewer and TestTrack TCM Test Runner.

Note: If you cannot log in to TestTrack web clients after configuring the web server, see TestTrack Web Returns a 404 - Page Not Found Error.

Article ID: 460  |   Last updated: 10 Sep, 2015
Apache IIS web server

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