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Understanding TestTrack Electronic Signatures

Article ID: 455  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

You can require electronic signatures when users change records in TestTrack. When electronic signatures are required, the user is prompted to enter an electronic signature and an optional reason when a record is created, modified, or deleted. When the record is saved, the user’s name, ID, and change reason are stored with the record.

For most users, electronic signatures are validated by comparing the password with the username and password. For single sign-on users, the electronic signature is validated through the Seapine License Server and the LDAP server. LDAP users that use an alternative form of login, such as swipe cards, must have an electronic signature password stored in their user profile to validate electronic signatures.

For more information, see Configuring Projects in the TestTrack User Guide.

Article ID: 455  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014
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