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Helix ALM Server and License Server Cannot Run as Applications on Windows Vista

Article ID: 451  |  Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017


A 'cannot initialize the server database' error is returned when the Helix ALM Server or Helix ALM License Server is run as an application on Windows Vista. In addition, the Helix ALM Registry Utility will not apply changes made to server or CGI options when running on Windows Vista.


The server cannot initialize their databases. The registry utility cannot apply changes to the system registry. Security settings in Windows Vista prevent users from running applications that make system-wide changes. The server applications and registry utility require write access to the Program Files directory and require system administrative rights.


Use one of the following methods to run the servers as Windows services.

Article ID: 451  |   Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017
Window Vista cannot initialize

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