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Overriding the Helix ALM Workflow

Article ID: 449  |  Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017

In Helix ALM, you can override the workflow to move an item to its resulting state under certain conditions. For example, if the multi-user assignment rule is set to Wait for all assigned users to respond then use the state with the highest priority, an administrator may need to override the workflow when an issue, requirement, requirement document, test case, or test run is assigned to multiple users and one of those users is out of the office or busy with other tasks and therefore not available to move the record to the next state.

The Override Workflow option is only available when the following rules are applied to a workflow state:

  • The Wait for all assigned users to respond then use the state with the highest priority option is selected for multi-user assignment rules in the Edit Assignment Rules for State dialog box.
  • The parent restricts workflow or Child restricts workflow options are set for linked items in the Add Link Definitions or Edit Link Definitions dialog boxes.

Note: To override the workflow, choose Activities > Override Workflow while the Edit window (e.g., Edit Issue) is open. You must be a user with administrative privileges to override the workflow. 

Article ID: 449  |   Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017
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