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Upgrading Helix ALM Projects with System Comment Events

Article ID: 438  |  Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017

Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 2008 - 2016.1).

Helix ALM has a built-in event named System Comment that is entered when a notification, trigger, or escalation rule performs an action on a record.

If you upgrade a TestTrack 7.6.3 or earlier project that includes an event named System Comment, the upgraded project includes two events named System Comment. You should rename the upgraded System Comment event to avoid confusion when users view workflow events. If you do not rename the upgraded System Comment event, the next time you edit it you are prompted to enter a new name because the System Comment event name is already in use.

Article ID: 438  |   Last updated: 27 Apr, 2017
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