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ttstudio Hyperlinks Not Enabled for Helix ALM RSS Feeds in Internet Explorer 7

Article ID: 437  |  Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017


Hyperlinks are not enabled for Helix ALM RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 7. This occurs if the 'RSS feed using ttstudio hyperlinks to items' option is selected when you subscribe to the feed in Helix ALM.


Internet Explorer 7 does not support ttstudio:// hyperlinks. It only supports hyperlinks that use standard protocols, such as http://, ftp://, and mailto://, for security purposes.


Select the 'RSS feed using http hyperlinks to items' option when you subscribe to RSS feeds in Helix ALM. When you click an http:// hyperlink, it opens the record in Helix ALM Web.

Article ID: 437  |   Last updated: 02 Jun, 2017
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