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Configuring the TestTrack URL Redirector

Article ID: 427  |  Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014

The TestTrack URL Redirector handles the routing of ttstudio hyperlinks and determines if they are opened in the TestTrack Client or TestTrack Web. TestTrack supports ttstudio and http protocols to open items, such as defects. Http hyperlinks are always opened in TestTrack Web.

By default, ttstudio hyperlinks are opened in the TestTrack Client. If the TestTrack Client is not found, the link is converted to use the http protocol and opened in TestTrack Web.

The redirector is automatically installed during TestTrack Client installations. TestTrack Web users must install the redirector to open ttstudio hyperlinks. The redirector can be downloaded from the TestTrack Add-ons page.

The TestTrack URL Redirector configuration dialog box opens automatically if the redirector cannot locate the TestTrack Client. You can also manually open the dialog box if you want to change the redirector settings.

  1. Enter ttstudio://config in a Web browser. The TestTrack URL Redirector dialog box opens.
    To open the redirector from a command line:
    • Linux - tturlredirector ttstudio://config
    • Mac OS X - open ttstudio://config

    Note: You can only open the redirector dialog box from a browser on Linux if the browser is configured to handle the ttstudio protocol.
  2. ​Select an option to indicate how to open ttstudio hyperlinks.
    • To open items in the TestTrack Client, select Use the TestTrack Client. Click the Browse button to select the TestTrack Client path.
    • To open items in TestTrack Web, select Convert to http:// and open in a Web browser. On Linux, click the Browse button to select the browser path.
  3. Enter the Default client timeout to indicate the number of seconds to wait before opening a new instance of the TestTrack Client or TestTrack Web when a ttstudio hyperlink is clicked.

    ​If you click a hyperlink with the same server name that TestTrack is connected to, the item is opened in that instance of TestTrack. If the server name is different, the item is opened in a new instance. If the TestTrack URL Redirector cannot determine if the servers are the same in the specified number of seconds, the item is opened in a new instance.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
Article ID: 427  |   Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014
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