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Java Virtual Machine Error When Installing Oracle Client Libraries on Ubuntu

Article ID: 421  |  Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017


The following error is returned when using the Oracle OCI installer on the Helix ALM Server running on Ubuntu:

'No Java virtual machine could be found from your PATH environment variable. You must install a VM prior to running this program.'


LaunchAnywhere, which is used to install the Oracle Client Libraries, cannot locate the Java Virtual Machine (VM) installed with Ubuntu in the PATH environment variable or the full path to the VM. The installer cannot set the classpath or other variables required for installation.


Install a Java VM version that LaunchAnywhere recognizes.

Note: The following information only applies to Ubuntu 7.x and later. If you use Ubuntu 6.1 or earlier, you must download and install the Java JRE from the Sun Web site.

  1. To disable the installed Java VM, rename /etc/alternatives/java to /etc/alternatives/java-old.
  2. Start the Synaptic Package Manager.
  3. Choose Settings > Repositories.
  4. Select the 'Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse)' option.
  5. Search for 'sun-java6-jr' to locate Sun Java Platform Standard Edition Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.
  6. Install the JRE.
  7. Rerun the Oracle OCI installer.
Article ID: 421  |   Last updated: 01 Jun, 2017
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