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Configuring System Notifications in TestTrack 2008 and Later

Article ID: 415  |  Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014

Note: This information only applies to TestTrack 2008 and later.

TestTrack email notifications communicate information to users about changes to defects, requirements, requirement documents, test cases, or test runs. Notifications are sent when a record meets the criteria specified in a notification rule. For example, notifications can be sent when a record moves to a specific workflow state, such as Fixed, or when specific action occurs, such as assignments. Notifications only inform users about changes, they do not assign records.

TestTrack includes system notifications and user notifications. System notifications are typically set up by the system administrator and can be sent to any user in the project. User notifications are set up by individual users and can only be sent to the user who configured the notification.

Following are the steps for configuring TestTrack to send system notifications.

  1. Configure email server options
    Before TestTrack can send email, you need to configure the TestTrack Server to send email via SMTP. If using TestTrack 2011.1 or earlier, you can also use MAPI if you want TestTrack to send email via MS Mail/Exchange using profiles that reside on the server computer.

    To configure email server options, log in to the TestTrack Server Admin Utility, click Server Options, and then select Sending in the Email category.
  2. Enable email and configure email options for the project
    You need to enable email sending for each TestTrack project. TestTrack will not send notifications for a project until email is enabled for the project.

    You can specify the email address to send notifications from. You should provide an email address because some Internet providers may not accept email that does not have a return address.

    To configure project email options in the TestTrack Client, choose Tools > Administration > Project Options, and then select the Email category.
  3. Enable hyperlinks for email notifications
    You can enable hyperlinks for email notifications. If hyperlinks are included in email templates, users can click a link in notification emails to automatically log in to TestTrack and view the record associated with the notification. The Allow Access Via Email Notification Hyperlink security command must be enabled for security groups to use hyperlinks in notifications.

    To configure hyperlink options in the TestTrack Client, choose Tools > Administration > Project Options, and then select the Hyperlinks category. 
  4. Make sure that users have valid email addresses
    To receive email notifications, users must have a valid email address in their  TestTrack user record.

    To view or change a user's email address in the TestTrack Client, select a user on the Users list window and click Edit.
  5. Create email templates
    Email templates include the email subject and message that is used when notifications are sent to users. Each notification you configure requires you to select the email template you want to use. TestTrack includes standard templates that can be customized, or you can create your own templates. You can also use field codes in templates, which are replaced with information about the record that triggered the notification.

    To customize email templates in the TestTrack Client, choose Tools > Administration > Email Templates.
  6. Create system notification rules
    System notification rules specify the notification recipients and email template to use when TestTrack sends an email notification. You can configure several rules per action or workflow event depending on your organization's needs. If the project contains a large number of records, you may want to specify a filter that records must pass before notifications are sent.

    To configure system notification rules in the TestTrack Client, choose Tools > Administration > Automation Rules.
Article ID: 415  |   Last updated: 23 Dec, 2014
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