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Upgrading Oracle Helix ALM Projects on Linux Servers

Article ID: 408  |  Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 7.5 - 2016.1) running on Linux.

Helix ALM no longer supports the OpenLink Oracle drivers due to an issue with Unicode characters. You must use the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) to connect to Oracle databases.

If you are upgrading a server on Linux, you need to reconfigure projects stored in Oracle databases to use the OCI driver and then upgrade the projects.

Install the Oracle Instant Client

The Oracle client includes the OCI driver. If you do not already have an Oracle client, download and install the Oracle Instant Client.

Create a new RDBMS connection

  1. Start the Helix ALM Server Admin Utility.
  2. Click Server Options.
  3. Select the RDBMS Connections category.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Select Oracle from the Connection Type list and enter the connection information.
  6. Click OK to add the connection.

Remove and re-add the project

  1. Click Projects.
  2. Select the project to upgrade and click Remove.
  3. Click Yes when prompted to remove the project.
  4. Click OK to close the message that opens.
  5. Click Add Existing.
  6. Select RDBMS from the Project type list.
  7. Select the new Oracle Connection.
  8. Select the project from the Database project name list.
  9. Click OK.
    The project is re-added to the server and displayed in the projects list.

Delete the old RDBMS connection

  1. Click Server Options.
  2. Select the RDBMS Connections category.
  3. Select the old Oracle connection and click Delete.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
  5. Click OK.

Upgrade the project

  1. Click Projects.
  2. Select the project you re-added.
  3. Click Upgrade.
Article ID: 408  |   Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017
Linux Oracle OpenLink OCI Oracle Call Interface

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