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Creating an Exclusive Helix ALM User for Background SOAP Applications

Article ID: 402  |  Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

If you have a background SOAP application that runs on a regular basis, we recommend that you create an exclusive, dedicated Helix ALM user for use only with the SOAP application. Creating an exclusive user includes the following advantages:

  1. You can embed the Helix ALM username and password in your SOAP application’s source code. Developers who have access to the SOAP source code will also have access to the exclusive username and password. If you embed your administrator account username and password you will create a potential security risk because developers will be able to gain administrative access to Helix ALM. You can set command-level security to control the ability to log in using SOAP. You can give the exclusive user access to log in to Helix ALM using SOAP and restrict this user from accessing Helix ALM using the desktop or web client. If an unauthorized user gets ahold of the exclusive SOAP username, they will only be able to use it for SOAP access to Helix ALM.
  2. You can give the exclusive SOAP user limited security access to the specific commands used by the SOAP application. Developers will not be able to ‘enhance’ the SOAP application and perform unauthorized commands unless you change the SOAP user’s security rights.
  3. When you review the Helix ALM history table or audit log, you will be able to more easily distinguish between changes made by the SOAP application and manual changes made Helix ALM users.
  4. You can avoid situations where users have to wait to manually log in to Helix ALM because the SOAP application is running in the background. You can also make sure you do not run into a situation where the user logs in to a Helix ALM client, forgets to log out before going home for the weekend, and inadvertently blocks the SOAP application from being able to log in.
Article ID: 402  |   Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017
SOAP exclusive user

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