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Thumbnail Images Not Available for Helix ALM File Attachments

Article ID: 394  |  Last updated: 06 Jul, 2017


A ‘Thumbnail image is not available’ message is displayed instead of previews of image file attachments in Helix ALM items after thumbnails are enabled in the project.

Errors similar to the following may also be added to the Helix ALM Server log:

'Warning: An error occurred in getting an archive file from the database, no archive record was found for <ttptn_0000003.dat>.'


The Helix ALM Server was not restarted after enabling the project option to create thumbnails for image file attachments. If a Helix ALM project is stored in a PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server database, the server must be restarted to generate thumbnails for attachments in existing items.


Restart the Helix ALM Server.

Article ID: 394  |   Last updated: 06 Jul, 2017

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