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Using the Read-Only ODBC Driver to Access TestTrack Native Projects

Article ID: 379  |  Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014

Note: The TestTrack ODBC driver is only supported with TestTrack 2011.1 and earlier.

Seapine Software provides a read-only ODBC driver that can be used to query data in TestTrack native projects.

Installing the ODBC driver

  1. Download the ODBC driver.
  2. Unzip the ODBC zip file into a directory.
  3. Open the directory and double-click the Setup.exe file. The Welcome to TestTrack ODBC Setup dialog box opens. Click Next. The ODBC driver is automatically installed. When installation is complete click OK. You are now ready to configure the ODBC driver.

Configuring the ODBC driver

See Configuring ODBC Data Sources in Windows for more information.

Article ID: 379  |   Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014
ODBC query project

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