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Backing Up TestTrack Databases

Article ID: 377  |  Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014

The TestTrack Server database and project databases should be backed up regularly.

TestTrack native server databases

  1. Stop the TestTrack Server.
  2. Copy the contents of the TTServDb directory on the TestTrack Server computer. Only copy subdirectories if you are using TestTrack 2011.2 and earlier and want to back up projects at the same time. Following are the default locations:
    • Windows—C:\Program Files\Seapine\TestTrack\TTServDb
    • Mac OS X—/Applications/TestTrack/TTServDb
    • Linux—/var/lib/TestTrack/TTServDb
  3. Restart the TestTrack Server.

TestTrack native projects

TestTrack 2012 and later

Use the TestTrack Native Backup Command Line Utility to safely back up project databases. Download the utility.

TestTrack 2011.2 and earlier

Each project is stored in a subdirectory in the TTServDb directory. Projects may be stored in other locations depending on your configuration.

  1. Stop the TestTrack Server.
  2. Copy the directories you want to back up.
    • To copy all projects, copy the TTDbs directory and all subdirectories. This also copies the server database.
    • To copy an individual project, copy the appropriate directory in the TTDbs directory and all subdirectories.
  3. Restart the TestTrack Server.

RDBMS server and project databases

If the TestTrack Server database or projects are stored in RDBMS databases, ask your DBA for help with backups.

When you back up the server database and projects from the RDBMS, you should also back up the project directories on the TestTrack Server that contain attachments, SoloBug files, and report stylesheets. Copy the project subdirectories to back them up.


TestTrack native database backup (Linux)

cp -R /var/lib/TestTrack/TTServDb/TTDbs/SampleDB/* /tape/bkup

Full backup (Linux)

cp -R /var/lib/TestTrack/TTServDb/* /tape/bkup

Article ID: 377  |   Last updated: 30 Dec, 2014
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