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Using XML to Import and Export TestTrack Client Records

Article ID: 372  |  Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014

XML import/export includes the following advantages over text file import/export:

  • You do not need to match fields when importing or exporting records.
  • You can import and export multiple Reported by records.
  • You can import and export multiples of the same actions.
  • You can import and export more than one record type (e.g., defects and users) in a single file.
  • You can import and export file attachments associated with records.

Exporting XML files

  1. Choose File > Export > XML Export.
  2. Select the type of records you want to export. To export multiple record types, Ctrl+click each record type. For example, Ctrl+click Users and Test Configurations to export this type of information.
  3. Select the Export Options if you are exporting defects.
  4. Click Export. The Export XML File dialog box opens.
  5. Select the file location, enter a file name, and click Save.
  6. The Export XML dialog box closes and you return to the list window.

Importing XML files

  1. Choose File > Import > XML Import.
  2. Click Browse to select a file to import. The Open XML File dialog box opens.
  3. Select the file and click Open. The file you selected is listed in the Import File area on the XML Import dialog box.
  4. Select any import options.
  5. Click Validate XML File to validate the file.
  6. The XML Import Warnings and Errors dialog box opens, showing the results of the validation testing.
  7. If the XML format is valid, click Import to import the records.
Article ID: 372  |   Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014
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