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Using Proxy Servers with Helix ALM Web

Article ID: 371  |  Last updated: 31 May, 2017

Helix ALM Web will work with a proxy server, but you may need to verify or change the proxy's configuration.

Check the following to make sure Helix ALM Web will run correctly:

  • The IP address that Helix ALM Web is running on is not restricted by the proxy.
  • The following HTTP commands are enabled: Write, Binary, Text, Read, Type, JavaScript, multi-part form.
  • Cookies are not disabled.

Helix ALM Web requires the ability to read/write, execute CGI scripts, upload files to a temp directory, and use multi-part forms, all of which can be disabled if the proxy is configured incorrectly.

Helix ALM Web also requires a local static IP address to run. If you are using a gateway as an Internet connection, Helix ALM Web will not work. If you previously used a gateway and have assigned a static IP to a local computer running Helix ALM Web, you may still encounter problems if your network adapter or web browser are configured to use a gateway.

Article ID: 371  |   Last updated: 31 May, 2017
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