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Distributed Databases Cause Problems with TestTrack Data Files

Article ID: 366  |  Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015


If you use the TestTrack native database format, distributed databases on your network can become corrupt.


When the computer running the TestTrack Server shuts down it does not close the TestTrack database correctly.

For example:

A TestTrack native database resides on Computer A. The TestTrack Server resides on Computer B.

When you reboot or shut down Computer A, Computer B does not receive a halt command. As a result, the TestTrack Server on Computer B does not close the TestTrack native database correctly on Computer A. When you reboot Computer A, the TestTrack database file end of pointer may be lost by the operating system and the data files may become corrupt.


  • Keep the TestTrack database and the TestTrack Server installed on the same hard disk partition to minimize the risk of corruption.
  • You must make a backup copy of your TestTrack database.
  • If you believe your data files are corrupt, please contact Seapine Support for help.
Article ID: 366  |   Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015
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