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XML Export Does Not Work When Using Internet Explorer on a Mac

Article ID: 360  |  Last updated: 03 May, 2017


TestTrack XML export via Internet Explorer does not work correctly on a Mac.


Internet Explorer incorrectly determines that the XML file is mislabeled and assumes that data is something else. Instead of exporting the XML, a Save As dialog box opens. This is a known bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer that prevents file downloads.


  1. If the exported XML file is large, click View Source then click Save As when you receive the error.
  2. You can put the TestTrackData.dtd file in the web server's scripts folder, which is where TTCGI.exe is located. Make sure the directory is readable so the web server can access the .dtd file. When an XML file export  is requested, the file will be parsed and opened by the browser. After it is opened in the browser, you can choose File > Save As to save the XML file.
Article ID: 360  |   Last updated: 03 May, 2017
Mac OS X Internet Explorer xml export

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