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Helix ALM Database Management

Article ID: 351  |  Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

Data loss can occur due to virus attacks, hard drive crashes, or file system corruption. It is a good idea to take measures to prevent damage to a database and data corruption.

  1. Back up databases on a routine schedule.
  2. Make sure the Helix ALM Server computer is shutdown correctly if you need to turn it off.
  3. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is strongly recommended for the server computer.
  4. Make sure the server computer's hard drive is properly maintained and in good condition.

Note: If you believe your data files are corrupt, contact Perforce Support immediately. The data is recoverable in almost every instance. A corrupt database may lead to an extended amount of down time. In the event that a backup is not available it may be necessary to send your data files to Perforce for in-house data recovery.

Article ID: 351  |   Last updated: 26 Apr, 2017

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