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Distributed TestTrack Web Installations

Article ID: 350  |  Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014

You can install the TestTrack Server on one computer and TestTrack Web components on another computer as long as they are located on the same network. A distributed installation provides the following advantages:

Enhanced security. Hosting Web applications on one computer and data on another one provides more security. A hacker who finds his way into your Web hosting computer will not have access to any sensitive data.

Better performance. Separating the web server and the TestTrack Server lets you split up the workload, increasing performance of both your web server and TestTrack Server.

Greater flexibility. SoloSubmit can be installed on separate web servers (up to 10 additional) allowing customers to access separate SoloSubmit URLs while submitting issues and requests to the same server or database.

Distributed Web and Server installation

  1. Install the TestTrack Server, Client, and Server Admin Utility on the computer that will be hosting the TestTrack projects and TestTrack Server.
  2. Install the TestTrack Web and CGI components on the computer that will be hosting the web components.

When a user accesses the TestTrack Web CGI, the CGI will safely and securely communicate with the TestTrack Server behind your firewall.

Article ID: 350  |   Last updated: 29 Dec, 2014
CGI distributed installation

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