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Logging in to TestTrack After Computer Crashes

Article ID: 348  |  Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015


You are logged in to TestTrack and your computer crashes. When you attempt to log in again, an error similiar to the following is displayed:

This user is already logged in.


The TestTrack Client application pings the TestTrack Server application every 30 seconds to let the server know it is still running and to get updates made by other TestTrack users.

If the TestTrack Server does not hear from the TestTrack Client application for 6 minutes, the server terminates the connection. When your computer crashes, you are not logged out of TestTrack and the connection remains active.


  1. Wait 6 minutes before you try to log in to TestTrack.
  2. Ask the TestTrack administrator to log you out.
  3. In extreme circumstances, the TestTrack administrator can stop and restart the TestTrack Server to reset all user connections.
Article ID: 348  |   Last updated: 26 Mar, 2015
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