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Command Not Found Error When Emailing a Report From Internet Explorer

Article ID: 345  |  Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014


Emailing a TestTrack report from Internet Explorer 6 creates a new email message with a 'Command Not Found' error page instead of the report. This occurs when you choose File > Send > Page By Email in Internet Explorer after clicking a link under Quick Reports in TestTrack Web to generate a report.


Internet Explorer sends the report URL to the web server and incorrectly redirects the report output to the email client.


Generate the report from the Reports list window.

  1. Select a report on the Reports list window and click the Run Report quick link button.
  2. Choose File > Send > Page By Email. The report opens in a new email.

Note: You can also use the workaround in the "Send Page by E-mail" Option Sends HTML File as Attachment Without Embedded Content article in Microsoft's Knowledge Base.

Article ID: 345  |   Last updated: 31 Dec, 2014
Internet Explorer report command not found

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