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An NT 2140 Error is Returned When the TestTrack Server is Started

Article ID: 339  |  Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015


NT Error 2140 is returned when starting the TestTrack Server from Control Panel > Services.

The TestTrack Server is attempting to start on the same port as another application. Only one application can use a port at a time.

Cause #1

The TestTrack port setting was changed to use port 80. The web server is already running on this port.

Solution #1

Use the TestTrack Registry Utility to modify the registry and change the port setting that TestTrack is using.

  1. On the TestTrack Server computer, go to Start > Programs > Seapine Software > TestTrack > TestTrack Registry Utility.
  2. Change the Reboot Server port field to 99 or another port that is free.
  3. Stop and restart the TestTrack Server.

Cause #2

TestTrack and another application on this computer (possibly the web server) are both attempting to use port 99.

Solution #2

Change the port that your web server is using back to port 80. Most web servers default to port 80.

Article ID: 339  |   Last updated: 05 Jan, 2015
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