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Helix ALM Windows File Attachment Upload Error

Article ID: 337  |  Last updated: 30 May, 2017


The following error is returned when a saving an item that uploads a new attachment when using Helix ALM on Windows:

'A communication error occurred during the transaction. Socket error caused incomplete request from []: File Transfer Error.'


This error generally occurs when Helix ALM has restricted access to the local temp directory. The temp directory is defined in the System > Environment settings.

Windows generally uses the following setting for the temp directory: %SystemRoot%Temp (e.g., C:\WindowsTemp). This directory probably has restrictive permission settings that do not give Helix ALM read/write access.


Locate the temp directory and change permissions to allow read/write access.


Specify an alternate temp directory that has read/write privileges.

Article ID: 337  |   Last updated: 30 May, 2017
Windows attachment upload fails communication error File Transfer Error

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