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Helix ALM Installation Causes Windows Restart Loop

Article ID: 332  |  Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017


Windows tries to start the Helix ALM service and encounters an error. Windows restarts in an attempt to start the service. It is possible to get into this loop due to installation problems with any Windows service.


You need to disable the Helix ALM service. Before continuing, make sure you have the Windows CD and know the System Administrator password.

  1. Set CD-ROM as initial boot device in system BIOS.
  2. Start the computer using the Windows CD. Windows will start in the Setup menu.
  3. Enter 'r' for the Recovery function.
  4. In the recovery function window, enter 'c'  for Console.
  5. In the console window, select the boot up installation.
  6. When prompted, enter the Administrator password. A command prompt opens.
  7. At the command prompt, enter C:\>WINNT> disable TestTrackSrv
  8. To verify the service has been disabled, enter C:\WINNT> listsrv
    This lists all Services and Devices. Look for TestTrackSrv. The status should be Disabled.
  9. To reboot, enter C:\WINNT> exit
  10. Remove the Windows CD and restart the computer.
  • This will stop the reboot loop. To troubleshoot the cause of the problem, check the Event Viewer for errors. Make sure the user installing the Helix ALM service has permission to do so. Try starting the Helix service manually without a restart.
  • Make sure Helix ALM Server.exe is installed and is not locked by NTFS permissions. Helix ALM Server.exe must be located on the computer that is also trying to run it as a service. Services should not attempt to start remotely located .exe files (e.g., on another network server's drive).
Article ID: 332  |   Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017
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