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Creating Helix ALM RSS Feeds

Article ID: 330  |  Last updated: 30 May, 2017

RSS feeds can be used to view a summary of new or changed Helix ALM data in another application, such as an RSS aggregator or web page. RSS feeds are based on filters. A filter can be published to make it available for an RSS feed. Items that pass the filter are displayed in the feed.

Note: Helix ALM data in RSS feeds can be viewed by anyone. Make sure that feeds do not contain confidential information.

Following are the steps for configuring Helix ALM to create RSS feeds.

1. Install the Helix ALM Published Data CGI

To generate URLs for RSS feeds, Helix ALM requires the Helix ALM Published Data CGI (ttpubdata.exe) to be hosted on a web server. The CGI is installed in the web server's default CGI directory by default.

2. Enable RSS feeds for the project

You need to enable RSS feeds for each Helix ALM project to allow filters to be published. You also need to specify the Helix ALM Published Data CGI URL, which is required to generate the URL used to subscribe to feeds. The URL consists of the web server static address or IP address and the path to the CGI. For example,

To enable RSS feeds for a project and specify the CGI URL in the Helix ALM Client, choose Tools > Administration > Project Options, and then select the Hyperlinks category.

3. Enable security commands for publishing filters

Filters can only be published by users in a security group with the Mark Filter as Published security command enabled. Keep in mind that data in RSS feeds can be viewed by anyone and you may only want to enable this command for administrators or high-level users.

You may also want to enable the following security commands for users who can publish filters: Edit Published Filters, Delete Published Filters, and Duplicate Published Filters.

To enable the published filter security group commands in the Helix ALM Client, choose View > Security Groups to open the Security Groups list window. Select a group and click Edit. Select the Filters category and enable any of the published filter commands.

4. Publish filters

A filter must be published to use it as an RSS feed. Users can subscribe to a published filter and generate the URL used to access the feed.

To publish a filter in the Helix ALM Client, choose View > Filters to open the Filters list window. Select the filter to publish and click Edit. Select Publish from the Share list and click OK.

Article ID: 330  |   Last updated: 30 May, 2017

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