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Using Hyperlinks in Helix ALM Email Notifications

Article ID: 323  |  Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017

You can include hyperlinks in Helix ALM email templates, which requires using field codes in the email template body. When a notification is sent, the field code is replaced with a hyperlink to the item that caused the notification to be sent. Users click the hyperlink to go directly to the item. For example, when users receive an assignment email, they can click the hyperlink to go directly to the assigned item.

Helix ALM includes the following hyperlink field codes:

  • %TTSTUDIOURL%—Creates a ttstudio hyperlink to the item.
  • %HTTPURL%—Creates an http hyperlink to the related item. The TestTrack CGI must be configured in the project options if you use this field code. Choose Tools > Administration > Project Options and click the Hyperlinks category. Enter the TestTrack CGI URL.

Following are the steps for adding email notification hyperlinks.

  1. Choose Tools > Administration > Email Templates.
  2. Select the email template you want to add the hyperlink to and click Edit. You can also add email notification hyperlinks when you add email templates.
  3. Add the field code and any text to the body of the message.

    Note: If the Send email in HTML format is enabled for the email template, you need to use href tags with the field code. If you send a plain text email with a URL link in it, most email clients make the link clickable. If you send an HTML email with a URL link in it, use href tags to make the link clickable (e.g., <a href="%HTTPURL%"> Text </a>).
  4. Click OK to save the changes.
Article ID: 323  |   Last updated: 26 Jun, 2017
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