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TestTrack Windows Silent Installation

Article ID: 317  |  Last updated: 14 Jun, 2017

Note: This information only applies to Helix ALM (and TestTrack 2012 and later).

Network administrators can run Helix ALM Windows client-only installers from the command prompt to install the Helix ALM Client and SoloBug on multiple computers without user intervention.

Running the installer

To run the installer in silent mode, enter the following at the command prompt:
[installer_filename] -i SILENT

For example:
ttwinclientinstall.exe -i SILENT

Note: You can also use the -i SILENT option to uninstall the Helix ALM Client. The uninstaller is located in the UninstallData folder in the Helix ALM application directory.

Customizing installations

You can customize silent installations to change the installation location, only install specific components, and control other options. You need to use a properties file, which the installer uses to determine the installation options. The properties file can be in the same directory as the installer or a network drive.

Create a properties file

You can manually or automatically create a properties file.

To manually create a properties file, change the values in the file attached to this article to customize your silent installation. The file must be named or [installer_filename].properties (e.g.,

Note: You must remove the .txt extension from the attached file before you can use it. File extensions are hidden by default in Windows Explorer. Refer to the Windows help for information about showing file extensions in folders.

To automatically create a properties file, use the -r option to capture the settings used during the installation in a response file that can be used for future installations. You must specify the filename or a full path to the properties file to use the -r option, or you can use . to create the file with the default filename in the current directory. For example: ttwinclientinstall.exe –r

Use the properties file during silent installation

To use the properties file during silent installation, use the -f option. For example:
ttwinclientinstall.exe -i SILENT -f C:\

Note: The -f and -r options cannot be used together.

You can specify the full or relative path to the properties file. If you do not specify a file, the installer searches the directory for files named or [installer_filename].properties and uses the settings in the properties file. If the directory contains both files, is used. If a file is not found and you are performing a new installation, the default installation options are used. If a file is not found and you are upgrading, values written to the system registry during previous installations are used.

Note: If INSTALLER_UI=SILENT is set in the properties file, you do not need to specify SILENT on the command line. If the properties file is in the same directory as the installer, you do not need to specify any parameters because the file is used by default.

Article ID: 317  |   Last updated: 14 Jun, 2017
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