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Understanding the Differences Between the Assigned To User and Currently Assigned To Fields

Article ID: 314  |  Last updated: 25 Apr, 2017

You can view current and historical assignment information in Helix ALM when you sort list window columns, perform searches, create filters, or generate reports.

Workflow events that allow new assignments, such as Assign, include an assignment field. Use this assignment field to view assignment information at a specific point in the workflow.

For example, to view all issues that were ever assigned to a user. To do this, create a filter restriction on the Assigned To User field for all Assign events for the specific user. When you apply the filter, all issues that were assigned to the user with the Assign event are displayed.

Note: Keep in mind that the assignment field name can be renamed. Make sure you select the correct field name.

Use the Currently Assigned To field to view current assignment information regardless of the event used to make the assignment.

For example, to sort the Issues list window to see assigned issues by the currently assigned user. To do this, right-click a column and choose Currently Assigned To. When you sort on this column, you can quickly scan to see current assignments by user.

Article ID: 314  |   Last updated: 25 Apr, 2017
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